Foxee officially spun off from Evos Esports, joining 21 Esports

Will Foxee officially separate from Evos Esports and enter 21 Esports?

Evos Esports has announced that it has broke up with one of the most popular players in the PUBGM category, Andiray Tjiutra or a player better known as Foxee.

A 22-year-old player who has been strengthening Evos PUBGM since 2022.with him Jeixy, Auro, JugHead The first four players of PUBG MOBILE’s EVOS.

Since his return Auro Enter in Evos Microboy And Red faceSeems like a chance Foxy Playing in the first team is declining.

While at Evos, Foxee 5th place PMCO Spring SEA League and PMCO Fall SEA, 1st place PINC 2022, 2nd place PINC 2022 And finally PMPL ID S2 Won 13th place.

Of course, many teams want to put this player on the roster.There seems to be strong rumors 21 esportsThe team has made a major overhaul in the PUBGM division.

Source: IG 21 Esports

One of the first changes is the former RRQ player, i.e. Boonk On the list.Immediately after Jughead Was also brought in.

It’s no wonder Foxee joins 21 Esports, as Evos has a former teammate, JugHead. The last player to fill out this list is Cisun.

Cisun itself has just been released by Victim Esports. The competition is arguably hotter and fiercer, with so many changes to the PUBG Mobile Indonesia address book prior to PMPL ID Season 3.

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