Fortnite Fever, Michelle Obama Dances “Orange Justice” In Children’s Hospital

Michelle Obama does the 'Orange Justice' Fortnite dance in front of the kids with Santa


Michelle Obama does the ‘Orange Justice’ Fortnite dance in front of the kids with Santa

GridGames.ID – Fortnite is still a booming game on the international scene.

No wonder this game can become a global pop culture phenomenon.

Even the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, did the dance in the Fortnite game, you know.

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Reporting from the VGR page, the former First Lady of the United States danced “Orange Justice” which is in the game Fortnite while visiting the children’s hospital with Santa.

'Orange Justice' dance in the game Fortnite


‘Orange Justice’ dance in the game Fortnite

As this Tictoc by Bloomberg Twitter account posted:

Maybe you will think that an adult, let alone a politician, would never want to do that.

But Michelle Obama looks very happy to do this to entertain the children at the hospital with Santa in welcoming Christmas.

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Speaking of the holiday season and Christmas, Fortnite Season 7 is now available for players around the world to enjoy.

Don’t let you miss the opportunity to complete the challenges in this season, OK!


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