Formerly Famous! These are 7 HP Brands that are Now Bankrupt

Currently the famous HP brand is Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo and so on. This cellphone is selling well because it is one of the gaming cellphones that must be tried. Not only that, the cellphone has various features and the price is quite affordable.

But, did you know that before the HP brand boomed, there were several HP brands that used to sell very well in the Indonesian market. However, now it has disappeared and even rumored to have gone bankrupt.

Well, here are some HP brands that went bankrupt in Indonesia even though they used to be very popular and best-selling!

7 HP Brands That Are Bankrupt Even though HP used to be the King!

Oh yes, the following HP brands have also made unique gadgets in the past. That’s why it was so popular. Unfortunately, now the following HP brands are in danger of going bankrupt, guys.

1. Siemens

bankrupt HP brand

HP Siemens brand

First, the HP brand that went bankrupt even though it used to sell really well was Siemens. Siemens is one of the HP brands whose head office is in Berlin and Munich, Germany. This HP brand was built in 2001, guys.

Well, the HP Siemens brand was once very famous and sold very well. Because, it has unique shapes but is thick enough for today’s HP sizes. Unfortunately, this HP brand is no longer sold in Indonesia, maybe because the shape is more similar to an electricity token, guys.

2. Motorola

bankrupt HP brand

Motorola cell phone brand

The old HP brand that used to sell really well, the next is Motorola. The Motorola HP brand was founded longer than Siemens, which was 1928. The head office of Motorola is also in Chicago, Llinois, America.

In the past, the Motorola HP brand had a very luxurious appearance or design because it seemed futuristic. In addition, several types of Motorola were very popular in their time because this brand was the first to introduce HP with a flip design. Unfortunately, the current Motorola HP brand is not as popular as it used to be.

3. Sony Ericsson

bankrupt HP brand

Sony Ericsson mobile phone brand

Third, the HP brand that went bankrupt even though it used to sell really well is Sony Ericsson. Like Siemens, Sony Ericsson was founded in 2001 and its head office is in Tokyo, Japan. Besides Japan, Sony Ericsson’s office is also in Sweden, guys.

Just like Motorola, Sony Ericsson in the past was very good, especially for the Walkman series. Because, the HP offers a sophisticated music player application in its day.

4. BlackBerry

bankrupt HP brand

BlackBerry brand

Fourth, the old HP brand that used to sell really well was Blackberry. Who doesn’t know one of these HP brands? Yups, this was actually first released in 1991. However, this cellphone has become quite popular because of the BBM feature or chat application, guys.

Although it has been around since 1991, Blackberry was first introduced in Indonesia in 2004. Unfortunately, Blackberry is no longer able to compete with other HP brands such as Samsung, Vivo and others. Hence, it is not so sold in Indonesia.

5. Esia

bankrupt HP brand

HP Esia brand

Fifth, the HP brand that went bankrupt even though it used to sell really well is Esia. The HP Esia brand was first established in 2003 and closed in 2022. The HP Esia brand is a subsidiary of PT Bakrie Telecom Tbk, guys.

This cellphone used to be very popular, because it often issued certain editions such as Esia Hidayah, Esia Slank and so on. This cellphone is starting to not sell because it is still based on CDMA technology, then this cellphone also does not keep up with the times that are already using the Android operating system.

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6. Nexian

bankrupt HP brand

Nexian HP brand

The old HP brand that used to sell really well, the next is Nexian. The Nexian HP brand was founded in 2006 and was once a pioneer of Indonesian local HP which was named The Most Favorite Local Brand, guys.

Unfortunately, Naxian’s current HP is no longer selling. Whereas in the past this cellphone was very famous for its QWERTY keypad and looks that are almost similar to BlackBerry. Maybe because, one of the factors that this cellphone is sold is expensive, so it doesn’t sell well in Indonesia.

7. Myth

bankrupt HP brand

HP Mito brand

The old HP brand that used to sell really well last was Myth. Mito is one of the local Indonesian brand HP which was founded in 2022 and has been included in the top 3 HP brands in Indonesia too, guys.

Moreover, this cellphone first appeared with a touchscreen display, even though it was not responsive enough to touch. However, it is very popular among school children because the price is not too expensive. However, it seems that this cellphone is no longer interested in buying it, guys.

So, how are you smart? Now you already know the HP brand that went bankrupt even though it used to sell really well. Well, don’t forget to share articles about this list of bankrupt HP brands to other smart friends.

So that they also know what the current HP brand is bankrupt. Oh yes, if you have criticisms and suggestions regarding this list of bankrupt HP brands, you can write them down in the comments column below, OK?

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