Forgot Laptop Password? Here are 4 Ways to Overcome it!

To make the laptop safe, you can add it with a password. So when the laptop Even if it is lost or stolen, the data on your laptop will remain safe.

But have you ever forgotten your laptop password? Wow, that must be panicking. Don’t worry, this time we will tell you how to solve a forgotten laptop password.

Causes For Forgot Laptop Password

Before we tell you how to overcome forgotten passwords on a laptop. We want to tell you first, what are the causes of forgetting the password on the laptop.

1. Very Complicated Passwords

Complicated Passwords

Complicated Passwords

The first cause is a very complicated password. To make a password to be safe, it would be nice to use a lot of characters and a combination of letters and numbers.

However, it can be dangerous for you. Because complex passwords can cause you to forget. So make a password that is easy for you to remember, guys.

2. Multiple Accounts

Multiple Social Media Accounts

Multiple Social Media Accounts

The next cause is multiple accounts. Each account must have a password which will be used when logging in. If you have multiple accounts.

Automatically you have to remember all these passwords. Well, this is what can cause you to forget one of the passwords.

3. Frequently Change Password

Frequently Change Password

Frequently Change Password

The last cause is often changing passwords. Frequently changing passwords can cause forgetting because you always remember the old password.

After we tell you the cause of forgetting the password. Now we want to tell you how to solve it here guys. Therefore, let’s take a good look below.

How to Overcome Forgot Laptop Password

1. Via Safe Mode

Safe Mode

Safe Mode

The first way is to enter safe mode. Safe mode itself is a Windows startup option which has a function to handle if there is a problem with the system.

When entering safe mode, only important files and drivers are activated. Including when the laptop forgot the password. You can enter through safe mode as well as overcome it.

Here’s how to overcome forgotten passwords through safe mode:

  • Turn on/restart the laptop.
  • Press the button F8 on the keyboard.
  • Choose “Safe Mode“.
  • Open “Control Panel“.
  • Select menu “Account“.
  • Click “Another Account Manager“.
  • Click “Change Password” to enter the latest password.
  • Click “Save“.
  • Restart your laptop to enter mode as usual (not safe mode).

2. Reset Password Via Flashdisk

Via Flashdisk

Via Flashdisk

The next way is to reset the password using a flash. This method is quite simple, you only need userkey.psw which is placed on the flash drive.

Here’s how to reset the password via flash:

  • Enter file userkey.psw into the flash drive.
  • Enter the flash drive into the laptop when in the windows login section.
  • Choose “Reset Password” then click continue process.
  • Flashdisk will be read automatically. You can click “Next“.
  • Click “Removable Disk/USB Flashdisk“.
  • After that, you can enter a new password and a password hint. If you click “Next“.
  • Finally, the password reset process will be successful and you can click “Finish” then restart the laptop.

3. Using Hiren’s Boot CD

Hiren's Boot CD

Hiren’s Boot CD

The next way is to use Hiren’s Boot CD. Using this you can reset the laptop password so you can use the laptop again.

There are tools that you can choose from, including: NTPWD, NTPWEdit, Offline NT Password Changer and Password Renew.

Here’s how to reset the password using Hiren’s Boot CD:

  • Insert Hiren’s Boot CD.
  • Restart your laptop.
  • The laptop will read Hiren’s Boot CD and there will be several options. Here you can choose “Mini Windows“.
  • Click the menu “Programs“.
  • Click “Password Key“then click”Windows Login“.
  • Click “NTPWEdit (Reset XP/Vista User Password)“.
  • You will find the file “SAM” on the hard disk in the Path to SAM File box. “Drive C:WindowsSystem32configsam“.
  • Choose “excelLent“then click”Change Password“.
  • Enter the latest password, if you have you can restart the laptop.

4. Reinstall the Laptop

Reinstall Laptop

Reinstall Laptop

The last way is to reinstall the laptop. If the previous method didn’t work. This is the method you should use, namely reinstalling the laptop. However, some of your files will also be deleted. Those files that are outside of Drive D:.

How about you guys, isn’t it easy enough to overcome a forgotten laptop password? If you have criticism/suggestions, you can give them in the comments column yes…

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