Forensic Psychology Experts Disagree PUBG Mobile is Banned, Why?

GridGames.ID – The news about PUBG Mobile which will be banned in Indonesia is getting hotter.

This is because PUBG Mobile is said to be the inspiration for the terrorist shootings in New Zealand that killed dozens of people.

The West Java Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has finally considered PUBG Mobile’s fatwa forbidding for fear of having a bad impact as well.

Forensic Psychology expert, Reza Indragiri Amriel, admitted that he did not agree that PUBG Mobile was declared an illegal game.

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Forensic Psychology Expert Reza Indragiri Amriel.

Forensic Psychology Expert Reza Indragiri Amriel.

He admitted that he agrees that PUBG Mobile provides age restrictions for its players.

Because it is too risky to be left free. Illegal fatwas? I agree that it is haram for children of a certain age. So, it’s more about controlling or restricting strictly,” he said as quoted by Warta Kota.

According to Reza, psychology does have a Social Learning Theory where people can create or change behavior based on what they see and witness.

Not everyone is watching live streaming the perpetrator of the shooting terror will do the same.

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It goes back to the individual where the person gets suggestions or influence.

He explained that classically there are three groups of people who are generally considered to have suggestibility or vulnerability when receiving suggestions or influences, namely those with low education, children, and women.

For game case battle royale this, said Reza, the stimulus is not only an object that is watched. But also objects that the viewer interacts with.

In addition, there are also factors of violence that already exist in a person’s life that can do this.

For that reason, according to Reza, compared to an unlawful fatwa on PUBG Mobile, he prefers strict restrictions and controls on PUBG mobile.


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