For the price of a motorbike, this is what a Super Mario Special Edition Smartwatch looks like!

GridGames.ID – Watch giant Tag Heuer recently launched a special edition smartwatch.

This special edition smartwatch launched by Tag Heuer takes the theme of one of the popular video games.

More specifically, this special edition Tag Heuer smartwatch is themed on a video game made by Nintendo, namely Super Mario.

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For Tah Heuer himself, the release of a special edition smartwatch with its own video game theme is not the first time.

Several years ago, Tag Heuer also released a special edition smartwatch with the theme of video games.

Precisely in 2022, Tag Heuer launched a smartwatch with the theme of the Gran Turismo game.

Now, for the umpteenth time, Tag Heuer has reportedly released a special edition smartwatch, which this time is themed on the Super Mario video game.

Then, what does the Super Mario special edition smartwatch look like?


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