For over a month, Genshin Impact has received $ 250 million from players!

Genshin Impact has received US $ 250 million from players around the world.

Okay, Genshin Impact Since then, it is the latest game in the Japanese RPG genre that has been realistic. September 28, 2022.

It has become a hot topic for many people, especially in Indonesia, and has become a target for many gamers.

This RPG game is free to play, but can reach US $ 250 million, or nearly the same amount. 3 trillion rupiah In about a month.

According to the data provider company Sensor tower, This Mihoyo game was downloaded to the App Store and Play Store by 200 million users in just one week.

After that, you can only earn US $ 60 million from purchases in the game “Genshin Impact”.

This game is free, but we find that players are spending more money on in-game activities.

Of course, this is not surprising. There’s a lot of fun in the game and you’ll need real money to get it faster.

If you are interested in purchasing, please click the image above!

Characters, weapons, important items in the war, etc. Gacha Of course, this requires real money.

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Beyond PUBG MOBILE and Honor of Kings!

Last month, Genshin Impact successfully fed the top two games in the position of top gross games. PUBG mobile And Honor of the king.

The acquired data does not include PS4 or PC data. This data includes only mobile users around the world.

Genshin Impact Income
Source: Sensor Tower

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As you know, Genshin Impact will be released on various devices in several versions such as PC, Mobile and PS4.

There are three countries that have made the most donations to the game by purchasing virtual items from within the game.

China Chinese players have become the largest country to issue more US $ 82 million Last month, followed Japan For US $ 59 million, and United States of America For US $ 45 million.

As you can see, Mihoyo’s strategy to publish this game is actually working not only in one country, but internationally as well.

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