Football Manager 2022 release will be pushed back from its original schedule

GridGames.ID – Entering the end of July 2022, Sports Interactive announces good news for Football Manager fans.

The reason is, Football Manager 2022 is confirmed to still be present this year.

The infomasti was confirmed directly by the Director of Studio Sports Interactive, Miles Jacobson.

“What I can confirm at this time, despite all the troubles that befell the world, there will be a new Football Manager game this year,” he said in an official statement on the Football Manager website.

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However, fans must be a little patient, because the release of the game will be delayed from the original schedule.

The COVID-19 pandemic is thought to be the cause of the delay.

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Even so, Jacobson confirmed that Football Manager 2022 will bring a number of new features.

In addition, the game is also confirmed to be released on more platforms and stores than before.


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