Following Microboy, RedFace officially joins the PUBGM EVOS Esports team!

Following Microboy, RedFace officially joins the PUBGM EVOS Esports team!

Source: Instagram @evosesports

EVOS esports It was a big hit in the PUBG MOBILE professional scene.They are so ambitious And the EVOS team’s first goal is to win the PMPL S3, hopefully they will be able to enter the PMWL East S1 and then the PMGC S1.

One of the best players in the world came from Bigetron Red Aliens on May 29, 2022. Microboy Transferred from the robot team to the EVOS Esports team.

EVOS Esports officially accepts RedFace!

Only one day will surprise you. Today, May 30, 2022, they also made a second surprise with the addition of a new ex-player. Aeon esports, That is Red face..

Full name player Exa Lakman Jayant This is one of the well-known holders of ION Esports. He retired from ION Esports on May 18, 2022 with two colleagues, Auro and Hijrah. Liquid had already departed on October 10, 2022 and participated in the Bigetron Red Aliens.

RedFace has had some success by winning the ION Esports team. 1st place PINC 2022 And 2nd place PMPL S2 2022 League phase. Red Face, a PUBGM player with a role scout It has also won two personal awards. Team MVP And Terminator As of PMPL S2 2022 before the league phase.

Aeon esports RedFace PMPL S2 mvp and terminator
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With RedFace and Microboy arriving at the PUBG Mobile EVOS Esports Squad, EVOS appears to be a dangerous threat for the BTR RA team and other teams to later fight for the PMPL S3 champion.

The official EVOS Esports roster currently has six players: Foxe, EXC, Morpheus, Lyzerg, Microboy, and RedFace. It’s still unclear if this will be the final list of PMPL S3, or if there are additional players in the future.

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Red Face’s opening message about his ambitions at EVOS Esports

Through a video published by Youtube EVOS Esports. RedFace has issued an ambitious statement.

“At first I thought winning was everything, but since then I’ve found that I’m not satisfied yet. I’m still hungry for competition with all forms of struggle. Many people want to see the results, but I am more thankful for the process and the journey. “

You can watch the opening video here:

This message shows that RedFace is ambitious to improve and continue to win more competition. He also believes he was inspired by the already-winning Bigetron RA, and he will also strive to achieve it.

Now, I hope that this will increase the number of teams from home that Indonesia can be proud of its achievements on the international stage. We at SPIN Esports help RedFace and Microboy adapt well to their new team and perform at their best.

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