Following China, Provinces in India Will Tighten Access to Online Games!

Illustration of playing online games

Illustration of playing online games

GridGames.ID – A recent news came from the world of online gaming in one of the provinces in India, namely Karnataka.

According to the news, Karnataka will make strict new rules regarding citizens’ access to online games.

That way, Karnataka will follow China, which first tightened access to online games in its country.

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As is known, the Chinese government has imposed new rules relating to restrictions on access to online games.

The rules, which are aimed at children and teenagers under 18 years old, regulate the time to play online games for a maximum of 3 hours in 1 week.

Not only that, children and teenagers are only allowed to play games every weekend, namely Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.

In addition, the regulation also prohibits them from playing at a predetermined time, which is from 20.00 to 21.00.

Now, the Karnataka Government is rumored to be adopting a similar rule to tighten access to online games by its citizens.


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