Follow 11% VAT, In-Game Purchase Prices on Google Play Store Rise

The government’s decision to increase tariffs Value Added Tax (VAT) from 10% to 11% on May 1st had a domino effect on prices In-game Purchase Google Play Store which is now also rising.


The policy of increasing VAT to 11 percent has a direct impact on the gamer Android who is used to doing transactions in games or in-game purchases.

This also applies to transactions made in several games which are popularly played by Indonesian people such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, freefire, as well as Genshin Impact.

If you don’t believe this price increase, you can check it yourself by going to the Google Play Store and going to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Scroll down and you will find ‘In-Game Items’. Choose one quantity diamonds (eg 1000 diamonds) then press the ‘+tax’ or ‘+tax’ button which is below the base price.

For example, for 1,000 diamonds with a base price of IDR 299,000 it will be subject to 11 percent VAT tax (IDR 32,890), so the total price to be paid is Rp331,890.

This price, of course, increased when compared to when VAT was still 10 percent in last May, which was IDR 328,900. Of course, this rising price policy also applies to quantities diamonds others, as well as on games which also has a system In-game Purchase on the Google Play Store.

In-Game Purchase Prices Rise, UniPin Keeps Many Promos!

Although the price increase is only around 1 percent, of course the gamer who like top up to buy items in games have to get used to the increasingly expensive world oftop up-an.

not only In-game Purchase whose price went up, everyone application, bookuntil film available on the Google Play Store also increased due to this increase in VAT.

I don’t know what domino effect will hit the fans gamer after the price increase In-game Purchasedo they keep buying at prices that have already gone up or just stop playing? games.


Fortunately, Indonesia has UniPin which always provides the cheapest prices and attractive promos for customers gamer who don’t want to miss having skin or new characters in games their favorite.

Especially in this beautiful fasting month, UniPin has a promo ‘Goofy‘ which provides massive discounts for those of you who keep your spirits up push rank in this fasting month.

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