Fnatic and Alliance Change Roster Composition, Who Gets Out?

Alliance at The International 10

Alliance at The International 10

GridGames.ID – The reshuffle of the roster of Dota 2 esports teams has occurred again ahead of the 2022/2022 DPC season.

Last week, Quincy Crew announced a roster overhaul that will cost some pro players.

Now, Fnatic and Alliance have also announced changes to the main roster composition in their teams.

This roster change is a form of preparation for Alliance and Fnatic in the 2022/2022 DPC season.

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For information, Alliance and Fnatic performed less than optimally in The International 10 tournament some time ago.

These two teams were only able to rank 9-12 in The International 10.

Based on GridGames’ observations on Twitter, there were 2 Alliance pro players and 2 Fnatic pro players who left the team.

Curious about the list of roasters that came out of Alliance and Fnatic? See the explanation on the next page.

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