Flappy Bird Offers New Game, Flappy Royale on PC and Mobile

Flappy Royale game, successor to Flappy Bird

Flappy Royale game, successor to Flappy Bird

GridGames.ID – Who doesn’t know the popular mobile game, Flappy Bird?

Yep, with a simple look and gameplay, this game was booming and played by various groups.

Who would have thought, a game similar to Flappy Bird would be back, Flappy Royale.

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Yep, as the name implies, Flappy Royale is a Flappy Bird game with battle royale gameplay.

Flappy Bird and Flappy Royale will both use bird characters in play.

The difference is, if Flappy Bird you have to jump as long as possible until the end of the game, in Flappy Royale you also have to be the last bird to survive.


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