Five of the strongest off-lane mobile legends (ML) heroes in Season 19. Auto win lane!

Off-lane is one of the most difficult lanes in Mobile Legends (ML). In this lane, you will actually compete with your opponent’s off-lane heroes for mechanics and skills. It is very important that the off-frenner can win his lane in the freeze lane and defeat the enemy hero, and the best way is to destroy the turret. Therefore, off-lane, powerful heroes need to work one-on-one.

The off lane here is EXP lane.. This is a regular lane where professional players are filled with RRQ.R7, AE.PAI, or ONIC.Butsss. A typical hero with high durability, high heel / regeneration / shield gain, and a strong fist battle with opponents in the early lanes of the game. But don’t worry. These off-lane heroes can also be placed in side lanes (gold lanes) if desired.

A list of the 5 strongest off-lane heroes in Season 19 Mobile Legends (ML). All of these heroes have a winning percentage of over 50%. Therefore, having a hero down is more likely to win the game.

1. Lapu Lapu

Rapurap Hero Counter


  • Win rate = 55.96%
  • Pick rate = 1.52%
  • Tire rate = 5.23%

Lapu-Lapu is a Tier 1 flaner, as recognized by AE.PAI in another article. Lapu Lapu is only 1 stronger in the lane, especially when it reaches level 4. Before level 4, it’s a good idea to play a little more carefully by throwing skill 1 to split your opponent, using skill 2 to evade your opponent’s skills, and auto-attacking. Your opponent directs a passive shield and additional damage to your opponent.

And when Lapu Lapu reaches level 4, if you’re one-on-one with another hero, you’re almost certain to win the lane. Therefore, focus on reaching level 4 as soon as possible in the EXP lane. And don’t be afraid to use Ultimate for your opponent’s harass or clear minions, as the cooldown is so short.

So many people are confused about Lapu Lapu. Here, SPIN Esports shares tips for confronting Lapu Lapu’s heroes.

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2. Esmeralda

Esmeralda MPL Season 6


  • Win rate = 53.42%
  • Pick rate = 2.22%
  • Tire rate = 61.38%

Since Metaseason 17, Esmeralda has been very strong in the off-lane / side-lane, despite being nervous several times. Esmeralda is extremely powerful on a one-to-one basis as it can absorb enemy shields and deal range damage to enemy minions and heroes at once.

However, be careful to play Esmeralda if you are not at level 2. Esmeralda is only strong one-on-one with his front opponent when he reaches level 2, so he needs two skills to fight. Then, when level 4 is the same as Lapu Lapu, the cooldown is so short, don’t be afraid to try to kill your opponent with Ultimate.

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3. Alice

Source: Mobile Legends


  • Win rate = 53.23%
  • Pick rate = 0.77%
  • Tire rate = 17.36%

Compared to all the heroes on this list, Alice is one of the weakest if you don’t have level 4. Alice will find it difficult to attack her opponent if she does not have the ultimate overpower (OP) skill.

Therefore, before level 4, use skill 2 to farm, then close skill 1 and skill minions while returning to the turret. Don’t be too advanced. Skill 1 is on the cooldown (CD), where you can easily defeat your enemies.

However, once you reach level 4, you can quickly tease your opponent, especially if the hero is in close proximity (close range). Ultimately, not only can it be used for agriculture, but it can also hurt the other person in pain. For level 4, it’s important to be careful about mana usage. Be aware that the ultimate requirement is very wasteful.

Alice is the most difficult of these five heroes to play. If you haven’t tried it but want to learn, you can watch the video at. Janshen Rim this:


Mobile Legends new skin
Photos via dafrixkun


  • Win rate = 53.14%
  • Pick rate = 1.02%
  • Tire rate = 0.65%

Khaleed is the most damaging hero at level 1. His 1 Desert Tornado skill can kill more than 1/2 of an opponent’s HP if all three slashes are hit. This hero has enough OP passive, so Khaleed gives a surprise hit to his opponent from Bush, followed by skill 1. Passive combos perform skill 1 and spells. Most heroes die as soon as they hit the combo.

And when you play Khaleed, don’t be afraid to fist your opponents as their HP starts to drop. You need to recover using skill 2. When you reach level 4, the ultimate hits, the basic attack skill 1 is followed up, and disappears as soon as you execute your opponent.

But Khaleed is a hero Weakest at the end From this list, when playing Khaled, be sure to slaughter your opponents early in the game, midway through, and late in the game.

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5. Guinevere

Mobile Legends new skin leaked


  • Win rate = 51.11%
  • Pick rate = 3.5%
  • Tire rate = 4.9%

Guinevere is a hero of a million mythical people. This hero hasn’t received much attention in tournaments, but it really sells in ranks. Guinevere is also one of my favorite off-lanes as it has a high life steal and a good OP escape skill, which makes it strong in fist fights early in the game.

At level 4, Guinevere can also use combos to kill his opponent immediately. Use Skill 2, Ultimate, and Skill 1 to perform spells (if your opponent is dead and not dead).

Guinevere is a very good hero in Metaseason 19 as many people use marksman (MM) junglers. It’s very easy for Guinevere to pick up from the bushes, as junglers primarily have retaliation spells rather than purification.

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These are currently OPs and are the 5 best heroes to become off-flaners. If you really want to focus on your early wins, you can also choose two OP heroes in this side lane. For example, Esmeralda (Gold Lane / Sideran) and Caled (Expert Lane / Off Lane). It is almost certain that you will win in both lanes.

Therefore, these heroes are still OP. Use this hero pick frequently to pursue your dream of becoming a Mythical Glory in Season 19. But don’t forget to learn about other off-flaner heroes, as it’s not impossible for these OP heroes to be weakened in the next few updates.

If you want to see Mobile Legends (ML) win rate, pick rate, and ban rate statistics, you can find them at

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