First Media Business Launches First Klaz, Education in the Digital Age

GridGames.ID – PT Link Net with the First Media brand, using a commercial name First Media Business, First media inaugurate the product First Klaz.

First Klaz is an integrated solution for education, which consists of web-based learning management system (LMS) services and applications and e-learning content and reliable connectivity services.

First Media Business also held an Educational Talkshow with the theme “Implementing Efficiency of Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) & Character Development in the Millennial Era” which was supported by the GURU community and attended by Principals of Public and Private Vocational High Schools throughout West Jakarta.

The launch event was led by President Director & CEO of PT Link Net Tbk (First Media) Marlo Budiman, Enterprise Director of PT Link Net Tbk (First Media) Agung Satya Wiguna, along with resource person Melani Putria, and the BerGURU Community represented by Amin Fatkhurrohman, M. Si., Head of West Jakarta Dikmen, at the West Jakarta Mayor’s Office on Tuesday, November 19, 2022.

Marlo Budiman First Media

Marlo Budiman First Media

“Through the presence of First Klaz, First Media supports the improvement of the competence of great teachers to be able to compete in the industrial era 4.0 and provide an ecosystem of Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM),” said Marlo Budiman, President Director & CEO of PT Link Net Tbk.

With internet access penetration that reaches more than 3/4 of the population, digital natives or millennials, have very different behavior patterns.

They grew up with the convenience of technology and unlimited sources of information. Digital devices are an integral part of this generation, because of the ease of switching from one application to another, such as watching videos, chatting and even playing games.

This causes the attention span of this generation to be getting shorter, so that concentration is reduced when paying attention to lessons in class.

Today’s teachers equip themselves with understanding and are able and willing to use technology in educating students.


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