Find backlinks using the footprint method

Explanation of the technique SEO footprint is a technique defined as footprints. This means you can do that one technique, or we can call it what you do Blog walkingbecause the goal Blog walking consists of posting a comment in the comments column of a website or blog to indicate that we have already visited the website or blog.

In fact, there are two ways to do this technique, but on this occasion I’m going to give a fairly simple way, which is through the use of search pages footprint This is : Link search and also Track the footprint, just go to the method below

1. Link search

the first is the page very suitable as you just write the keywords you need, then choose the platform you want and choose the type of comment and just search and then just search for the blog or website you want to visit.

the second is the side just like with lInk search we just have to write keywords and the blog you want appears

so many tutorials on searching this time Backlinks with footprint. Remember the technique SEO footprint to find targets Backlinks good with Side rank This is why this technique is very important if we want our website to look positive in the eyes of search engines.

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