Finally, Fortnite Chapter 2 Officially Released With New Map

Fortnite chapter 2 preview

Fortnite chapter 2 preview – Finally the black hole image in Fortnite has disappeared.

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 has finally been officially released by Epic Games.

As per rumors circulating, Fortnite chapter 2 has a lot of new things for players.

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You can already play Fortnite Chapter 2 as before, but of course with some adjustments.

The new map has at least 13 points worth exploring.

In addition, there are also rivers and lakes that can be played in the latest modes such as swimming and fishing.

You can fish in Fortnite chapter 2

You can fish in Fortnite chapter 2

In fact, players can eat the caught fish to restore life.

Not only the map has changed, the gameplay has also changed.

In fact, Fortnite streamer, xQc was surprised by the gameplay change.

Because when he almost died, it turned out that the enemy could take him while looking for a safe place to be defeated.

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This gameplay applies not only to enemies, but also to your teammates.

You can now carry and bring your current teammates to find a safe place and treat first.

Several old weapons also reappeared in Fortnite chapter 2, along with the new Bandage Bazooka weapon.

You can also upgrade weapons on the Upgrade Bench to increase the ability of your weapons.

Let’s try chapter two!


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