Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Brings 6 Classic Games to Mobile Platforms

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Remaster

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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Remaster

GridGames.ID – Square Enix has finally announced that it will be remastering 6 of their old school Final Fantasy (FF) games.

At the E3 Square Enix Present event they announced that Final Fantasy I to VI would be remastered to be released for Android, iOS and PC platforms.

According to them, each of the FF series will be released separately on different dates.

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For those of you who forgot, Final Fantasy I, II, and III have 8-bit visuals.

As for Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI have 16-bit visuals.

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Later all these games will have more perfect pixel visuals.

The games will also be optimized for the released platform.


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