Final Fantasy 14 Icons Changed Due to Player Phobias, How come?

Square Enix was forced to change the Final Fantasy 14 icon because of the unique demands of players.

Some time ago, the Final Fantasy icon for Sage received a huge protest from Final Fantasy 14 fans.

Final Fantasy players protest the sage icon because of trypohobia or a phobia of hollow patterns such as beehives, wasps, etc.

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Sage is one of the new ‘jobs’ that are present in Final Fantasy 14.

Sage is present as an expansion of Endwalker which is a fighter healer class with 4 floating swords named noulith.

The icons that Square Enix released in Final Fantasy XIV represent the 4 blades of the Sage blade.

Then, how do the producers and directors of Final Fantasy XIV respond to this sage icon problem?

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