FF Santa’s Beard, Get It Quickly Easily!

Santa's Beard FF

Santa’s Beard FF – As a Free Fire (FF) player or survivor, of course, you already know about the Santa’s Beard item in the FF game. Even though you already know about the existence or availability of the item, it’s not necessarily that you can get or own the item easily and for free.

If you really want to own or get the item, then on this good occasion we will share with you how to get it. This is of course very important for you to know. That way you can have what you’re looking for or the item you really want

In terms of strength, this Santa’s Beard will not be able to add strength to the characters you play. However, if you have this item, your character will look cool and also perform optimally. How do you really really want to have this one item?

If you really want to have Santa’s Beard FF (Free Fire) then you should be able to get it easily. If you are still confused and don’t know how to get it, it’s a good idea for you to read and also see what we will discuss or explain to you on this auspicious occasion.

Download Santa’s Beard Config Free Fire

To be able to get Santa’s Beard Free Fire easily, on this good occasion we suggest you to download the config that we have prepared. By installing or using config, you will be able to easily have items that you can’t wait to have

Incidentally we have prepared the config that we mean for you. That way your task is to download the config and install it on the smartphone you are using. We have prepared how to install it. Now please download it first so you can install it easily


That’s the Santa Beard Config that you can download and then install it on your respective cellphones. Regarding whether the config is working or not we are still not sure or know more details. It’s a good idea to just try it first so you can make sure it works or not.

How to Install FF Santa Beard Config (Free Fire)

After you successfully download or have the config, then the mandatory and important thing for you to know is how to install the config so that you can get Santa’s Beard for free and also easily. So that you know, please follow the procedures or steps that we have prepared below

  • Make sure you have downloaded the config on the link above
  • Also make sure you already have the ZArchiver app
  • If not, please download it on the Play Store service or other application stores
  • If you already have the application, please open it and extract the Santa’s Beard, the zip that you downloaded
  • Then you will find a folder otw 5k subs
  • Please open the folder and copy the com.dts.freefireth folder in it
  • Go to internal storage, select the android folder, select the data folder then paste it in the com.dts.freefireth folder in the data folder
  • If overwriting files appear, please tick the all files button, then click the replace button to install the config
  • Done

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The final word

If that’s all we can explain and share with you. By using the method we have shared on how to get Santa’s Beard FF, then we really hope you can get what you want. That’s all from us, see you next time

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