FF releases new mode, prepare for skill battle!

Free Fire (FF) is a very popular game for Indonesians, especially young people.

This battle royale-themed game continues to publish many modes that many players want to try.

Recently with a Yotube account Pebe Gamers, Free Fire player influencers say there will be new modes in the near future.

What’s new fashion? Take a look at the next article!

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Planning for the next new freefire mode

Source: Youtube Pewe Gamer

Galena has announced that there will be a mode in which players can compete with their skills. One-to-one mode.

Now this mode is really special for By One enthusiasts with others. You can compete for skills in this mode.

Judging from the displayed image, the mode 1 to 1 It uses the Bermuda map as the main map.

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This mode was issued by Garena and eliminates the need to use a custom room if the player is in a war with only two players.

In this mode, of course, you can fight as many battles as you like until you are satisfied.

One-to-one mode You can also use it to practice your shooting skills with your friends and others.

Don’t make this mode a container toxicity Yes everyone! Minimize contempt for others in the game.

How to play in one-on-one mode

There are two possibilities that can occur with this one standby mode gameplay.

  1. Players play normally on the Bermuda map, but there are only two players on a map.Player is declared win If successful, kill the only enemy on the map.
  2. The arena is narrower than usual and players fight as if they were playing Deathmatch, And you can collect points to win this mode.

So do you agree with the release of this new mode? If you agree, which of these possibilities would you choose?

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