FF Hayato Awakening Character Appears in OB23 Update?

Soon Free Fire players will get the latest big updates at the end of July. This update is an OB23 update and will show you many new things that didn’t previously exist in Free Fire. Among them are new locations on the Bermuda map, new characters, new weapons, and new pets. But apparently Free Fire brings another surprise. There was a leak that the awakened version of Hayato’s character was included in the OB23 Free Fire FF update. want to know more? Let’s read the article!

Hayato Awakening Appears in OB23 Update

Basically, awakening characters have additional new skills in addition to the basic skills they already have. To obtain this character, the player usually needs to complete the mission first.

For those who don’t know, Hayato and Kelly’s characters are from the same family, Shimada. Both of them are one of Free Fire’s most popular characters, and Kelly already has an awakening version, so Hayato also seems to receive an awakening form. Hayato, as in the leaked photo above. Awakening character has new hair and new body armor.

Hayato Awakening Skill

According to the leak information obtained, Awakened ato Hay A has the skill to open some kind of shield or shield in front of him and reduce the damage caused by the shots and hits he receives. The moment Hayato shoots the enemy, this shield disappears. In fact, this skill is a bit like the shield gun introduced in Free Fire a few months ago.

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So far, Free Fire has only one awakening character, Kelly Awakening, which will be available to FF players in May. And in fact, Kelly’s Awakening has far better skills than a regular Kelly character. Therefore, the Hay Hay Hay human awakening character seems to have been significantly upgraded from the original Hay Hay Hay human.

It is leak information of FF Hay Hay Hay human character awakening scheduled to appear in the OB23 update! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!

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