Few Reasons Why You Should Play Little Nightmares Game

Little nightmares is one of Games in the who managed to steal the show. Started in 2022, Games that’s still very interesting and relevant to play. Games It was produced by Tarsier Studios and launched by Bandai Namco Entertainment and has received tremendous reviews on Steam.

Well, for those who played it, you should be proud. Because Tarsier Studios is preparing Game Little Nightmares 2 which will be released on May 11, 2022. There was a lot of news discussing interesting things made by Games both.

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For everybody who’s interested Little nightmares 2, we encourage you to play first Little nightmares The first. Although from a history perspective it looks like the two have nothing to do with each other, Little nightmares The first will help you understand what is really going on Games that is past.

That way your game will be in Little nightmares 2 would be much better and Immersive his experience. What are the reasons that make you gamble? Little nightmares? Here is the review!

1. Unique “dwarf” visual

The first thing that obliges you to play Games Little nightmare is Games It has pretty unique visualization. Games it has a gray optical atmosphere, but on the other hand it can also deliver a light color. This combination makes me feel Little nightmare pretty unique in presenting visuals.

Not to mention most of the objects presented in it Games that has style vintage that makes it even more interesting. Tarsier Studios also sometimes changes the camera angle from the side zoom in and Zoom out so sometimes the visual impression being presented feels more cinematic in some moments.

2. Funny and challenging puzzles

The greatest challenge of Games Such a model is all about puzzle-his. For everyone who likes it puzzle Pretty heavy, Little nightmares will pamper you. Tarsier Studios can be said to contain puzzle in Games it’s like fighting in almost every major good aspect boss not even slightly.

For example, there are many moments when you need to develop a strategy just to open a door. Barrage puzzle You will continue to receive this throughout the game. For those who are spiritually weak, they can just half give up or see complete solution because you don’t want to be disturbed.

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Even crazier puzzle which existed had to be completed with almost no clue Games that is becoming more and more demanding. So before you try Little nightmares 2 what seems more complicated, it is better to warm up first Little nightmares First.

3. Not scary, but tense

player who are used to it Games some kind of horror Resident Evil, Layers of Fear, or The evil in definitely think so Little nightmares far from the impression of horror. I thought of it like this at first because I got carried away by its cute and colorful graphics.

But that all changes when you play it. It turns out, although it’s not scary from a visual point of view, Little nightmares portrays horror differently. Tarsier Studios creates weakness protagonist as a scare tool player.

As a dwarf, of course, he would die easily when faced with a bigger monster. Hence, the majority of the things you have to do is secretly and TU secretly it is not easy here.

because secretly what you have to do is sometimes you have to solve it puzzle. In this way, Tarsier managed to provoke excitement player on the other hand, player it actually has no fear of it Games This.

This approach was further refined with sound which is so good that it can create a sense of constant tension. This tense feeling will peak during the fight boss held. Usually before facing each other boss, we see boss this is viewed from a distance so that it reinforces the terrifying impression.

4. Horror & Fairy Tale Mixed Absurd

For those of you who are easily confused, it is better to just ignore the plot in Games and focus on meeting the challenge up Games it’s over. The reason is that the plot of Games that’s pretty absurd. We were not told from the start why the character we were playing Six was trapped in this terrifying world.

The only description of the story is only Tarsier himself, where Six is ​​trapped in a world called The Maw and he has to flee from there. After that we have to interpret ourselves and understand for ourselves what really happened.

This story style is already common in the industry Games especially when LIMBO and WITHIN by Playdead was introduced.

5. Opposite moment boss The imprint on the head

The most important point in my opinion next is that the fight boss that exist in Little nightmares pretty solid. face boss There are several options that you have to pass from doing secretly run away openly.

By presenting unique ways of dealing with boss, there is absolutely no impression of repetition that I have experienced. Everything is very exciting and we are forced to think about what else we can do to get through that boss because in Games This does not apply, except in certain moments like secretly for example.

of four boss I’ve fought from The Janitor to The Lady, none of which disappoints because it’s too easy. Everyone has their own challenges and of course the most interesting thing is to get past the bosses.

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