Feel the Sensation of Being the President of the US, Try This Game The Political Machine 2022!

The Political Machine 2022

The Political Machine 2022

GridGames.ID – Hearing political games may sound foreign to mobile game lovers.

But not with this one game, The Political Machine 2022.

The game is a political strategy game that allows gamers to run for president of the United States.

Hitcents and Stardock as the developers of this game, give you access to register to become a better presidential candidate in the game.

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Having a unique storyline, gamers will travel to the United States in hopes of getting enough support.

You will choose and manage the main issues carefully while monitoring the situation in order to achieve victory.

Uniquely, this game with a touch of simulation has a different voting behavior mechanism in each state.

Some of the initial candidates offered were Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence.

They all have different ideologies to work with and hope to have enough votes to run for president.

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