Fb Tips Can’t Be Marked Friend Without Approval

One time we might want Facebook to not be tagged by friends, either because we want our Timeline to show only our posts or because too many friends tag us with content that we don’t like.

One day we may want Facebook not to be marked by friends

Actually, in the FB application settings menu, an option has been given to prevent other people from being able to ‘Tag’ (Tagging) or post on our timeline, but many do not know how and where the settings menu is located.

Please note, the tag or tagging by friends from the default Facebook application is indeed set to the ‘Friends’ position. Where all your friends can mark your account so that they appear on the timeline, even if you are good or not it will still be displayed and can be seen by others.

By changing the tagging settings on the timeline and later there will be a notification if there are friends who tag you, then we can decide whether to approve it to be shown or hidden.

How to Set Tagging on FB Timeline

As for how to set up the Facebook application so that friends cannot mark or post status on our Facebook Timeline, please refer to the following steps:

One day we may want Facebook not to be marked by friends
  1. Go to options Menu in the FB application, it is located on the top right side of itself.
  2. Then select the dish Settings & Privacy and go to Arrangement.
  3. Swipe the screen slightly to the Center, in the Privacy section select the option “Timeline and Tagging“.
  4. First select the option “Who can post on your Timeline ?“, then change to “Only me“, means that no one’s friends can add status posts to your timeline.
  5. Then go to chapter “Review the tags people are adding to your posts before they appear on facebook“, then select “Active“. The goal is that if someone flags it, you can later decide to approve it or hide it.

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As for the way to find out when a friend signs a post, whether we want to reject it or approve it so that it appears on our account timeline, the method is as below.

One day we may want Facebook not to be marked by friends
  • Go to Facebook profile, then select menu in the form of three dots (See reference in picture)
  • Then select the option “Timeline Review
  • If someone flags your FB account, it will be displayed on the review page. Check one by one, if you agree click on the button “Add to Timeline“, if not then select “Hide“.
  • Even if you don’t specify whether to hide or add to your timeline, friend status posts that tag you will not be added to your homepage (timeline), so stay safe.

On the Menu page “Timeline and Tagging“, you can also set who can see posts that tag you, whether friends only, Public or only you.

You can even set whether your stories on FB can be shared by others or not and some other privacy settings.

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