Far Cry 6 officially announced! These are interesting details that you should know

One of franchise The top brands from Ubisoft are Far away. Decreasing Far Cry: New Dawn hype in fact, it does not diminish Ubisoft’s desire to end franchise that. In fact, Ubisoft is excited to bring out a series Far away the new one is Far Cry 6. Right, appeared leakit took a few days for it to be officially announced on Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft finally presented it Games that too player.

By pendant eye-catching film, Far Cry 6 It looks like it will offer a number of interesting things when published online fully. But even if only a few details are presented in Ubisoft Forward, there are some interesting things about Games we can know that.

The following is our summary of the interesting things out there Far Cry 6 This! Here is the review.

Old mechanisms reused

Far Cry 6

In Games In that case, you will be a militant named Dani Rojas. This Dani is a man who can be a man or a woman. No, he meant at the beginning Games you can choose gender for Dani it is a boy or a girl. Mechanisms like this were actually built in by Ubisoft in the era of Far Cry 5 where you can choose whether you want to be a woman or a man in Games the.

In addition, it will return the old mechanism that you will be accompanied by a dog. This little dog is called chorizo. Chances are, this chorizo ​​has some function as your tandem for getting around the world Far Cry 6 which is very dangerous.

So far, only two mechanisms have been introduced by Ubisoft. Because at Ubisoft Forward itself, Ubisoft only shows cinematics pendant only without Style of play.

Elevated conflict

Far Cry 6 Giancarlo Esposito becomes the main opponent in Games here he will play a character named El Presidente named Anton Castillo. Anton has a 13 year old son named Diego who is asked to see the revolutionary actions of the people in his area. In short sentences, Anton said that his people don’t know how to be happy people.

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“Our people don’t know how to be happy. Their opinions are divided because of their own freedom. They’ll hate you too, Diego, despite what you’ve done. “

The theme of this revolution is actually part of the Far Cry 6. series Far away it is closely related to tyrants, for example there is Pagan Min in Far Cry 4 or The father in Far Cry 5.

Place called Yara

Far Cry 6

The place that became the center of the conflict of Games This is a place called Yara run by Anton Castillo. Yara itself is, as described in the description, an area with a tropical climate with a wide landscape that includes the capital Esperanza and also various areas with forest landscapes such as rivers or forests.

It is said that Yara is an area that is being forced to return to its former glory in any case, so the tropical region is really beautiful to look at but is terrible to be visited because many protesters have clashed with Anton loyalists .

“Yara is an extraordinary tropical region. Led by Anton Castillo to restore his country to its former glory at all costs. He invites his son to follow in his footsteps to do the oppressor

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