Fantech, International Quality Local Gaming Gear Opens Store in Indonesia

Jakarta, May 4, 2022 – Fantech inaugurated Fantech Store in response
towards the advancement of esports in Indonesia. The store, which is located at Mangga Dua Mall 4th floor, is aimed at getting closer to fans, providing support and contributing to the development of esports in Indonesia.

Fantech, International Quality Local Gaming Gear Opens Store in Indonesia
Fantech Store Inauguration Procession

Fantech Store is now available in China, Philippines, and Taipei

Before being inaugurated in Jakarta, the Fantech Store was present in China, the Philippines, and last May the Fantech Store was also present in Taipei, Taiwan. This original Indonesian brand has been around since 2009 which means it’s been 10 years
to meet the need for the latest and highest quality computer accessories.

Starting in 2022, Fantech also penetrated the gaming industry by promoting attractive, quality, durable products at affordable prices. Fantech’s own products have reached 20
countries around the world. The ASEAN, Middle East, to Europe and America markets have been successfully penetrated by Fantech.

Fantech, International Quality Local Gaming Gear Opens Store in Indonesia
Trying Gaming Gear on Fantech

Try all kinds of products in Fantech Store

Firsandy Pinardy, CEO of Fantech Indonesia said “At the Fantech Store you will be able to taste and try all types of products from Fantech, as well as get an explanation of what products are suitable for you. Fantech provides all the products needed by a gamer, not only for playing games, but also in their daily activities. Fantech products available here range from mice, keyboards, headsets, tables, chairs to clothes, hats and bags.

Tournament Class Gaming Gear

Carrying the slogan GEARUP and WIN, Fantech will continue to innovate to improve
provide more quality products for professional gamers
Indonesia.” In 2022, Fantech launched a product in the form of a mechanical keyboard with optical switch technology. This technology provides 30% faster response and is water and dust resistant. There are also variants of this product that have been present in Indonesia, namely MK-884, MK-885, and MK-882. Powered by Fantech.

Fantech Support for Internet Cafe

Fantech also launched the Powered by Fantech program for internet cafes and internet cafes
gaming house. This program is a form of support from Fantech to internet cafes and gaming houses that have contributed to the development
esports in Indonesia. During this launch, Fantech also held a Tekken 7 mini tournament with cash prizes and gaming peripherals. This event was also attended by Nessa Miko, Seirra Chan, and Annabela as guest stars. There is also a SERBA 99k gaming gear promo and lucky draw.

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