Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Confirmed To Be Available on Xbox

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

GridGames.ID – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been confirmed for release on Xbox this year.

This information was delivered directly by Mediatonic, as the developer of Fall Guys.

Mediatonic’s Lead Game Designer, Joe Walsh, said he was happy that Fall Guys could launch on Xbox, as quoted from Gamespot.

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They also can’t wait to welcome Xbox players to Blunderdome.

The news of the presence of Fall Guys on Xbox has also been confirmed through an official upload on the Twitter account @FallGuysGame.

The developer shared a short video showing the Fall Guys character picking up an Xbox controller.

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It is also known that the game that went viral some time ago can be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

However, it should be noted that the game will not be available on Xbox Game Pass.

The presence of Fall Guys on Xbox enhances the availability of the game on various platforms.

Apart from Xbox, Fall Guys has also been confirmed to be launching on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Then, at the beginning of its release, Fall Guys was available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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Then, some time ago news emerged that the game would be available in a mobile version.

The more types of platforms, it is possible to reach a greater number of players.

Mediatonic confirmed Fall Guys will be available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch starting summer 2022.

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Currently, Fall Guys themselves have entered Season 3 with a big winter theme.

Even though hypeit’s not as big as it used to be, but Fall Guys is still in demand by some players.

So, GG friends, are you still playing Fall Guys? Or have you left it a long time ago?


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