Fall Guys Season 2 will Arrival New Skin Sonic The Hedgehog

Skin Sonic The Hedgehog in Fall Guys Season 2.


Skin Sonic The Hedgehog in Fall Guys Season 2.

GridGames.ID – Fall Guys has officially entered season 2 last Thursday (8/10).

There are various new things that Mediatonic, as the developer of the game, is trying to offer.

Starting from new rounds, more challenging obstacles, to attractive costumes and skins that players can get.

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In order to add to the excitement in season 2, Mediatonic is again presenting a surprise for the players.

Fall Guys, it is certain that there will be a special skin from one of the popular characters, Sonic The Hedgehog.

This information was conveyed directly by Mediatonic through the official Fall Guys Twitter account @FallGuysGame.

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Sonic’s signature blue design and color, complete with white gloves are clearly visible there.

Then, how do you get the special Sonic The Hedgehog skin?


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