Fall Guys Review – Casual and fun battle royale game

Since the first announcement Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout immediately caught the attention of me and many people. Games it mixes Battle Royale genre with TV shows like Takeshi Fortress and then packed full of colorful cute pictures. From this idea alone Games that looks and sounds really funny and casual.

Fall guys finally released on August 4th, 2022 on Steam and Playstation 4. Sure enough Games it gives you Battle Royale which is very casual and fun.

fun Whatever happens

Review Fall Guys Beginning Challenge

You and 59 other players face different obstacles, each with different rules. Several players are eliminated in each obstacle until finally the final challenge leaves only one person to be the winner.

The challenges available also vary and range from Obstacle course how to guess and go through a series of doors Elimination game like avoiding rotating bars that will throw you out of the arena, to team games like fighting for eggs. Whatever the challenge, all you have to do is memorize four buttons, namely run, jump, dive, and take it. All challenges are also very simple and you can understand them immediately as soon as you see them. So you should be ready to play right away.

Review Fall Boys Wall

Fall Guys is fun. All elements in Games This, from the very simple player characters to the colorful graphics to the interactions you make in every challenge Games it’s always fun to play. In almost every session, I always smile or laugh while playing and watching chaos and the madness that comes with every challenge.

You can be knocked to the ground by a giant ball repeatedly when you want to run to the finish line, or held back by other players until you’re pulled down a wall and watch players take the crown of champions who almost won you would have. They can be very good or very bad, win or lose, play alone or play with friends. Whatever the situation Fall guys keep up the great experience fun. Coupled with the short duration of each challenge, you will never get bored of being in a challenge for too long.

There’s more to come?


This time Fall guys has a whole range of randomly selected challenges, and you will typically only play a maximum of five challenges in one session to become the champion. Although most of the challenges provide a great experience chaos, there are some that I think are a little less than others.

One of them is a challenge where you have to stand on a platform with a picture of a fruit that fits on the screen. There is also a Hoopsie Daisy Challenge, the RNG content of which is very high. Even if it’s easy to forget, I’m still a little frustrated because Spawn tires even arbitrarily. Finally there are some too Games like Tail Tag, which makes you feel like you are in a position far enough away from your opponent, but it still steals your tail tick server.

But among so many really fun challenges, it’s only natural that one or two should be less memorable. I’m sure the developer behind it Game fall boys This will also create new arenas and change and switch to their challenges Games that is fixed fresh. Because after a few weeks or months, many players will get bored with some challenges.

Last but not least, because I didn’t expect it Games You will be very popular Fall guys often have server problems and have to log in maintenance. After playing a few times, I experienced separate or getting into trouble lobby. Until now Fall guys very active in repairing and increasing their server capacity. Hopefully we can all play without any problems later.

Whether alone or with friends / family, Fall guys is Games the right one if you want to have fun Games with elements Battle Royale but very casual. You don’t have to be a very experienced or good player to play and enjoy it. So, get in and have fun!

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