Facebook Launches Game With VR Technology Titled Horizon

GridGames.ID – Facebook, a social networking service from the United States, launched a game called Horizon.

This game invites users to interact with Virtual Reality (VR) technology where they can hang out, chat and play games with each other.

Horizon can be a new world for users to socialize with other users, without having to meet face to face.

The inhabitants of this Horizon world can explore virtual spaces using their cartoon avatars. Goks!

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Reporting from the KompasTekno page, Horizon’s existence was first revealed at the Oculus Connect 6 Facebook developer conference which was held this week.


Reportedly, Horizon will begin testing in 2022, but is limited to only a limited number of users.

Facebook said Horizon users who first tried this game, will be given a special guide to help them get to know the virtual world of Horizon better.

The guide will act as a “policeman” who will moderate every user’s behavior in the virtual world.


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