EXGCon 2022 The Coolest Event For Indonesian Gaming & Esports World

Hello gamer friends! Did you know that later in December there will be the coolest event for gamers, called EXGCon 2022. EXGCon is the first major esports and gaming event to be present in Indonesia and aims to be a forum for interaction and meeting of Indonesian gaming industry players. EXGCon also collaborates with publishers, pro players, casters, cosplayers, and even musicians, that’s cool.

The Great Collaboration of Indonesian and World Gaming Players!

EXGCon 2022 The Coolest Event For Indonesian Gaming & Esports World
Janine Intansari
Mobileague Documentation – Habibi Yasin

Held on 13–15 December 2022 at Kartika Expo Center – Balai Kartini Jakarta, EXGCon will collaborate with more than 50 partners and offer various interesting experiences. Visitors can enjoy the experience zone from the collaboration of a number of well-known publishers in Indonesia.

Not only that, EXGCon will also present a cosplay parade which will be attended by more than 40 local and international professional cosplayers, meet and greet events with pro players, as well as performances from famous musicians in Indonesia. Shhh, a little leak, one of the cosplayers is Janine Intansari! wow so cute

Indonesia Gaming Award: An Award for Local Gaming Players

EXGCon 2022 The Coolest Event For Indonesian Gaming & Esports World
Alex Wijaya (Business Director – Allstars)
Mobileague Documentation – Habibi Yasin

EXGCon will also provide a place of appreciation for the gaming industry players through the Indonesia Gaming Award which will be held on December 13, 2022, as the opening event for the entire series of EXGCon events.

More than 55 nominees will compete for 11 award categories. Panelists consisting of various stakeholders in the esports & gaming industry will choose the Top 5 from each category. Category winners will be determined through online voting on Instagram.

The Call of Duty Mobile Major Tournament Final from Garena Indonesia EXCLUSIVE at EXGCon 2022!

EXGCon also cooperates with partners to participate in creating an inclusive event. To realize this, EXGCon collaborated with two well-known game publishers; Garena Indonesia and AKG Games, which are committed to providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Garena Indonesia as an EXGCon partner is enthusiastic to participate by presenting Call of Duty Mobile Indonesia through an experience zone at EXGCon. In addition, EXGCon is also an event that displays the final match of the Call of Duty Mobile Indonesia Major Series Tournament.

“Garena is here and supports EXGCon and will provide support by displaying the Call of Duty Mobile game. In addition, EXGCon will be the stage for the Major Series final tournament of Call of Duty Mobile Indonesia. Let’s make this event a success. Watch your favorite Call of Duty Mobile team at EXGCon,” Wijaya Nugroho as Business Development, Esports Manager – Garena Indonesia

Experience Zone from Blizzard Entertainment Will Be Present for the First Time in Indonesia by AKG Gamers

AKG Games will present two Experience Zones as well as being the first organizer of the Blizzard Entertainment zone in Indonesia. All fans can experience the epic gaming experience of all of Blizzard Entertainment’s most popular games; Hearthstone™ and Overwatch™. Gamers will directly experience the excitement of the game, moreover, the opportunity to win official merchandise and door prizes from Blizzard Entertainment.

AKG Games will also introduce a Pokémon zone. All Pokémon Trainers can come to EXGCon 2022 for fun matches and tutorial sessions with well-known players in preparation for the Pokémon Trading Card Regional Final in May 2022, the Indomaret Series.

“AKG Games believes that platforms like EXGCon can provide opportunities for the growing gaming community in Indonesia. AKG Games also hopes to provide a quality experience for fans as well as new players.” Jason Ong as Public Relations of AKG Games.

Also Present JKT48 at EXGCon 2022

EXGCon 2022 The Coolest Event For Indonesian Gaming & Esports World
Beby Chaesara (JKT48)
Mobileague Documentation – Habibi Yasin

Now, this is what Wota and Wibu Gamers all over Indonesia have been waiting for. JKT48 will be present as Music Performers at this cool event. This has been confirmed by JKT48 member Beby Chaesara. According to him, the member who will appear may be the member who was chosen as the bearer of the latest JKT48 single.

Wow, there’s already a CODM tournament, there’s Blizzard, there’s a famous cosplayer, there’s also JKT48. This complete package is presented to you, Indonesian Gamers!

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