Excited Abis! This is how Saints indo beat Elite8 eSports 3-2 in the 2021 MSC Final

Mobileague.id – The 2022 MSC 7 Tournament finally left the top two Indonesian teams, namely Elite 8 Esports against Saints Indo. Appearing in front of thousands of Mobile Legends lovers who packed the GF atrium, Gandaria City did not necessarily make the two teams have stage fright. Both of them competed very fiercely to prove who the Mobile Legends champions deserved to represent Indonesia against teams from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The match which was scheduled for Best of 5 was not wasted by the two teams to entertain their supporters who watched live or via Bigo’s live broadcast, it was recorded that 130,000 pairs of eyes watched the Elite 8 final match against Saints Indo. Appearing less than superior does not necessarily make Indonesian saints afraid of the big name Elite 8, which has just spread its wings in Mobile Legends after being successful with their Vainglory team.
Here is a brief summary of the game

Game 1

Elite 8, who relied on Cho’s game to stop the fanni from Saint Indo, was quite effective. Fanni who got 2 shutdowns played non-aggressively and made Indonesian saints unable to grow from the pressure of Elite 8 Esports and had to finish the first game 1-0 for Elite 8.

Games 2

In the second game, the Indo Saints did not change the game scheme by still playing Fanni as an anchor and adding Clint as a damage pounder from Saints. What was different in the 2nd game, Fanni was played by Hinelle. Hinelle who played well with Daylen was able to close the 2nd game beautifully when Lord entered and hit the core of the Elite 8 team. Elite 8 had a hard time stopping the indo saints attack which finally equalized the score to 1-1.

Games 3

Playing brilliantly in the 2nd game did not necessarily make Daylen lose concentration. He tried to put pressure on using Bruno and made the Carry of the Elite 8 Esports Eudora time played by King seem difficult and made the difference in level and net worth quite far. Error after mistake that Daylen and his friends did not need to make good use of by Elite 8 to equalize level and net worth. As a result, Saints Indo had to give up the 3rd game for Elite 8 Esports and made the score 2-1.

Games 4

Indo Saints who don’t want to go home empty handed had to force the 5th game for Elite 8 Esports. Playing safe enough by relying on the game HexaZor playing Cho overwhelmed Elite 8 Esports Ming who used Fanni and Sephiroth with Mino unable to stem the beautiful game of HexaZor who used Jetkunido to break down the defenses of Elite 8 Esports. After collecting enough items and overcoming the net worth, Saints Indo tried to enter and press into the center of the Elite 8 Esports defense. Not ready to accept the attack, Elite 8 Esports finally had to wipe out and close Game-4 with a victory from Saints Indo 2-2.


No less exciting than the previous 4 games, both teams are still playing hard to bring home the prize of $ 5000 and represent Indonesia against champions from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.
Elite 8 Esports made a surprise appearance by bringing the iron bone wire muscle which was none other than Mas Gatot Kaca in the decisive match to block Hezaxor who used Cho. Daylen who uses Roger must serve Amon-Ra who plays Hayabuza. Pressing early on Amon-Ra seemed to have difficulty and several times left his base in the mid lane and entered the jungle. This opportunity was used by Daylen to help the lower and upper lanes to confine the Elite 8 Esports game zone. And finally Elite 8 Esports had to admit that the disciplined game owned by Saints Indo managed to bring their team to become the MSC 2022 champion with a score of 3-2.

For those of you who missed the excitement of the Elite 8 Esports match against Saints Indo, you can watch it at the following youtube link


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