EVOS Zeys Disappointed with His Team’s MPL ID S9 Results, Must Be More Serious

EVOS Legends completely defeated Geek Fam 2–0 without reply in MPL ID S9 W7D2. Representing his team, EVOS Zeys as coach with Clover attending post-match interview less enthusiastically. Zeys is frank that he doesn’t like the whole result season MPL EVOS this time.

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Zeys explained that this season his team worked too hard, such as pouring out too many ideas to the point where they were confused about what to do in the game. The bottom line is that the team doesn’t feel like one mind, even though the situation is better now.

“I don’t like our results, we have to be more serious. We have too many brains, like we always have so many ideas that we ourselves are very confused. We’ve mixed it up too much in gameplay we, in draft all, not one page (thought) only. I just don’t like it,” said Zeys via Media Interview at MPL ID.

Regardless, today EVOS Legends took down WyvorZ for 2 games full. What is the reason?

“Enough to the pointwe want to give WyvorZ a chance for himself and we also want more rewards (gift) the person who try hard (hard work) is still good. As rewards we love chance,” said EVOS Zeys.

With system rewards like this, it feels like it will make the players try even harder to keep improving their game and perform even better.

Especially when playoffs is in sight. Before focusing on that, on week 8 there will be a match El classic wait here! As the final week of the MPL regular season, Zeys said that he will choose the best players as a form match pride EVOS Legends.

“…the one who will play is the good one. El classic it’s all rich fans looking forward to this match. So we want to give good things to all the audience. That match (El Clasico) more to pride. EVOS and RRQ it’s been a long time since season 1, it is richer match pride,” concluded Zeys.

EVOS Legends will meet with RRQ Hoshi for El classic next time in MPL ID S9, of course they intend to defend their victory from the match in leg 1 some time ago. Since MPL ID S9 Week 8 will be open to the public, it looks like the atmosphere of their next meeting will be even hotter.

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