EVOS Earl Wins MVP of Woman Star League Season 2 Tournament Finals

GridGames.ID – EVOS Lynx has confirmed itself as the champion of the Mobile Legends Woman Star League (WSL) Season 2.

The team with the white tiger logo successfully slaughtered Alter Ego NYX with a score of 3-0.

This achievement is a stunning achievement for the EVO Lynx.

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The reason is, in the WSL Season 1 event they also managed to come out as champions.

EVOS Lynx’s glory was even more complete after one of its roster was named the final MVP of WSL Season 2.

He is Winda Lunardi or familiarly called EVOS Earl.

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Interestingly, Earl is not a roster that acts as a core or midlaner, but a tank/support.

During the WSL Season 2 event, there are 3 mainstay heroes that are often used by him, namely Akai, Silvanna, and Atlas.


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