EverMerge, The Latest Mobile Game From Big Fish Games Has Been Released

EverMerge, the newest mobile game from Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games

EverMerge, the newest mobile game from Big Fish Games

GridGames.ID – Big Fish Games as a well-known game developer has just released its newest game, EverMerge.

This game will have players combine, match items to dispel the mysterious fog that towers over.

Throughout the game you will meet a number of famous literary characters.

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These characters are, Cinderella, Snow White’s Puss in Boots and Rapunzel.

But here they will have different roles such as, Rapunzel will be a social media influencer, while Snow White will be outdoor survival.

This game will challenge you to customize your own open world to keep the characters in this game alive.

This game will include a variety of mix-and-match combinations, for example combining several log cabins will result in a larger dwelling.

Combining three items is considered good, but combining five items is your goal to get the best results.

Throughout the game you can also recruit your workers who are happy to help you.

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EverMerge is available for free for you to play, and can be downloaded on your favorite App Store and Google Play.


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