Eternal Rock Complete Guide and Free Skill Rod Reset

Free Skill Stat Reset? Follow this guide

You can try various kinds of builds in this Ragnarok M Eternal Love game, just one job can have 2 to 4 different types of builds. This is the advantage of MMORPG games like Ragnarok, where players can try out various builds for their characters. Of course, you have to determine which build best suits your playing style, mobileague friends.

Well, if you still frequently change builds, Ragnarok Mobile allows you to change stats and skills. Of course with a number of items that can not be considered cheap. to do a status reset, you must have an Eternal Rock item and a skill reset requires a Reset Skill Rod.

npc event items

You can get it at the Event NPC in Prontera. Each item is worth 500,000 zeny, guys, quite good for the size of a player who is still chasing job 2.

reset stat reset skill ragnarok m
reset stat reset skill ragnarok m

If something is free, are you sure you want to pay?

Want to reset skill stats for free? let’s check how to get Eternal Rock and Reset Skill Rod

  1. Earn from Growth Back Pack

  2. Getting from Main Quest

    • You can take the first quest at level 55 with rewards in the form of Eternal Rock and also Reset Skill Rod, the quest is quite long and tiring.
    • You can take the second quest at level 57 and only give rewards in the form of Eternal Rock
    • You can take the third quest at level 76 and give rewards in the form of Reset Skill Rod only

To find out the Guide to Doing the Quest, you can see it on the second page, OK?

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