Esmeralda gets Starlight Skin and become the Queen of Egypt!

Get the Esmeralda Starlight Skin and Become the Queen of Egypt! At the end of the month, as always, Moonton will unveil the mobile legend Starlight Skin, which will be available when Spinner becomes a member of Starlight.

Previously, this month’s Starlight Skin was Marksman’s ultimate hero, Wanwan. This skin is a light colored hip hop kid design.

This time, the hero with the Starlight Skin is one of the current META heroes, whether used as a side lane or as a hypercarry.

Photo courtesy of Mobile Legends

The main character is Esmeralda, who has high magic damage in the early stages and high mobility, so it is very easy to use for ruining and rotating enemies in the early stages.

The starlit skin of Esmeralda is named Cleopatra, which has a historical background in Egypt.Cleopatra was the dominant queen of Egypt, famous for her beauty

Esmeralda is also associated with desert areas like Egypt, so talking to Cleopatra’s Esmeralda is a good fit. The design of this skin also tells the story of Cleopatra, dressed and ears like the famous Egyptian Anubis.

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Skin Starlight Esmeral Cleopatra
Via photo: ML leak

According to Spinner, what is the design of this Esmeral Daskin? Is it good, will you buy it, or is it normal? Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!

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