ESL Indonesia Championship S2 Dota 2 Week 5 Temporary Standing Results

GridGames.ID – ESL Indonesia Championship S2 for the Dota 2 game has completed all matches in the fifth week on August 29, 2022 yesterday.

On the first day of the match, PG.Orca was successfully held to a draw by Hans Pro Gaming (HPG).

The first game did belong to Orca, but HPG still struggled to survive as hard as they could.

But unfortunately, HPG’s defense didn’t work out, and Orca managed to win the match with a score of 21-41.

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In the second game, Daya “MamangDaya” Pamungkas appeared so stunning at the beginning of the match.

Meanwhile, Haikal “DEADFOX^” Hadzik managed to mess up his opponent with Phantom Lancer, but didn’t manage to close the victory for PG.Orca in the second game.

These two teams finally have a balanced position thanks to a game that is both objective and careful.

In the third match, Orca had to accept defeat thanks to the compactness created by HPG with a final score of 38-43 around 51 minutes.

The second match was EVOS Esports and PG.Barracx (PGB) where in the first game EVOS Esports, which had fallen behind at the beginning of the game, managed to turn things around after a mistake made by PGB.

Souliya “Jackky” Khoomphetsavong, a new EVOS player who immediately stole the attention since a few matches yesterday, is from the city of Louangprabang, Laos.

In the second game, PGB regained control early in the game but they were more consistent this time.

PGB managed to close it with an almost perfect victory (30-8) at 36:40 minutes.

ESL Dota 2 standings

Doc. ESL Indonesia

ESL Dota 2 standings

Andil Muhammad “Azur4” Lutfhi and Hidayat “lawlesshy” Narwawan made PGB managed to steal 1 win from EVOS, which is in second place in the ESL Indonesia Championship S2 standings.

Antrophy had to be considered a Walk Out (WO) in the first match of the second day due to technical problems at their Gaming House.

Thus, BOOM ID automatically pocketed a 2-0 win.

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The second match on the second day of the fifth week was Alter Ego, who was ranked 3rd in the standings, against The Prime.

In the first game Alter Ego, who led from the beginning of the game, continued to press the opponent until finally winning the battle at 28:24 with a final score of 39-19.

The second game is also not much different, where the Alter Ego is now strengthened by Farand “Koala” Kowara, Ramzi “Ramz” Bayhaki, and Michael “Kel Thuzard” Samsir managed to beat The Prime in the second game with a score of 30-9 in 23 minutes.

Alter Ego finally replaced EVOS Esports in second place, while PG.Orca rose to 5th position previously placed by Antrophy.

ESL Dota 2 Score

Doc. ESL Indonesia

ESL Dota 2 Score

The winner of this tournament will also get a seat to compete at a higher level, namely ESL Clash of Nations Bangkok 2022 (25-27 October 2022) which is included in the Thailand Game Show series of events.

There are 8 best teams from Asia Pacific countries (Indonesia, Malaysia-Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia-New Zeland, Philippines, and India) who will compete for a total prize of US$50,000.


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