ESL and DreamHack Announce CS: Go Open Circuit, Provide $5 Million Prize

ESL and DreamHack hold a series of ESL Pro Tour competitions

ESL and DreamHack hold a series of ESL Pro Tour competitions – ESL and DreamHack have finally announced the next tournament series for CS:Go, the ESL Pro Tour.

No kidding, this series of tournaments will connect more than 20 ESL and DreamHack tournaments across 5 continents.

Ending in 2022, ESL and DreamHack provide a total prize pool of $5 million.

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The ESL Pro Tour was created to be able to combine more than 20 tournaments in one series of competitions.

The tournament will be divided into 2 classes: Challenger and Master.

In the Challenger class there are 8 tournaments including DreamHack Open, Mountain Dew League, and ESL National.

ESL Pro Tour class division

ESL Pro Tour class division

While in the Master class there are ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters, DreamHack Masters, and ESL Pro League which will be held until 2022.

The team competing in the ESL Pro Tour tournament series with the highest points will earn a place at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice in May 2022 and ESL One Cologne in July 2022.

At first glance, the format of this tournament is quite simple because it allows teams to continue competing throughout the year.


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