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Erick Herlangga leaks MDL ruble player! Anyone? Previously, Louvre Esports was one of the dangerous mobile legend teams for other teams in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Exactly in 2022, the Louvre won two runners-up in the prestigious events Mobile Legends Premier League (MPL) Indonesia Season 3 and Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Championship (MSC) 2022.

Unfortunately, the Louvre Esports was disbanded by owner Eric Herlanga when MPL ID decided to become a franchise league. However, according to the latest news from Lius Andre via Planet Esports RevivalTV, the Louvre is ready to make a comeback in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MDL).

Information about the Louvre’s comeback was also confirmed by Spin eSports, who contacted Erick Herlangga directly via Whatsapp on May 20, 2022.

Source: Compass TV

“The Mobile Legends team is at MDL and Smart Frens events, and at Axis Malaysia. (Player) Indonesia passed the playoffs in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, but had a coronavirus.

Now that we’ve fixed it (competing with MDL), the right to choose a Moonton team is up to Moonton’s decision, right? When you’re ready, based on something like PT, ”Erick Herlangga told Spin eSports.

Erick has also revealed who will be Spin eSports’ new Louvre Esports player.

“1 I’m a gimmick trainer, but until now Indonesia hasn’t allowed foreigners to enter. 2 Then the coach contacted Jeremy but refused shortly before. 3 If the two are still unable to attend. Probably nominates Lexuzz as a player and coach, he explained.

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Source: Instagram Eric Heranga

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