Erica’s FMV Coming Soon to iOS, Give Free Trial This Week

GridGames.ID – Full Motion Video (FMV) or simply a video game with full interactive narration and a 3D model display entitled Erica, will soon be available for you to try on the iOS platform.

Almost a year and a half after the release of the original version on the PlayStation 4.

Now, Flavorworks as the developer has announced that it will bring the narrative thriller video game FMV Erica to the iOS platform on Saturday (16/1/20).

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In keeping with the ‘narrative’ genre, this game will show you an interactive fictional story where you will guide a young woman named Erica.

Erica herself is played by a television actress named Holly Earl.

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You must help Erica try to uncover a part of her troubled family past.

Like most games of this type, you have to make choices in the middle of the gameplay and your choices will affect the final outcome of the game.


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