Epic 2022 Christmas Sale Begins, Not Just Big Discounts!

Confused about the end of the year to play Games What? Residue Games in library– are you ready? As of December 17, 2022 yesterday (or today December 18, 2022 WIB), the Epic Game Store launched a discount party they called the Epic Holiday Sale 2022. Not only can you buy in this Epic Holiday Sale 2022 Games only at a discounted price (large). However, there are many other benefits that you can get when you do Sign up now to your Epic Game Store account.

What are the offers in this epic 2022 Christmas offer?

1st discount Games Up to 75%

His name too saleThe main menu is of course discount Games. Not only Games long time to get a discount, you know! Titles that are still relatively new, such as Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, until Star Wars squadron You can get it cheaper at the Epic Game Store during the Epic Holiday Sale 2022.

Guard dogs: Legion Get 33% off the price of $ 56.99 to just $ 38.18. Then for Star Wars squadron, Get 40% Off $ 39.99- $ 23.99!

Eits, don’t just stop. You can get additional discounts again, you know, because at the Epic Holiday Sale 2022, Epic Games is also selling …

2. Unlimited USD 10 discount voucher!

Right! After the discount, you can get these titles at an even lower price by taking advantage of the $ 10 discount. Early days Sign up, you will receive a discount voucher. Buy the discount coupon at Games Anyone participating in the 2022 Epic Holiday Sale with a face value of $ 14.99 and more will receive another $ 10 voucher that can be used on the next purchase!

And the number is unlimited! You can repeat the above process as often as you like. Eits, but not all Games You can buy it with this coupon. You can activate filter “Vacation Offer 2022” and “$ 14.99 and up” if rummage in shop find out Games anyone attending this discount party.

Still not interesting? At the end of this year, Epic Games is also giving away …

3. A total of 15 Games Free of charge with no conditions!

Yeah, you didn’t read it wrong. Epic games “Sultan” ready to perform library-mu with 15 Games free of charge, which you can use from December 18, 2022! Every day there is 1 Games free shares and you have 24 hours to claim and submit Games it is in library-mu to play anytime.

For the first day, Epic distributes Games Cities skyline. You can check the Epic Game Store every day to find out Games whatever was shared that day and immediately wiped it away!

So what are you waiting for. Straight to Sign up to your Epic Game Store account and claim it immediately Games free and your first coupon!

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