Entering the Game Segment, Samsung is Reportedly Will Release a Gaming Smartphone

Illustration of playing games on Samsung phones

Fahmi Bagas

Illustration of playing games on Samsung phones

GridGames.ID – A recent news stating that the first Samsung gaming smartphone will soon be produced and released is known to make the public excited.

This news itself was originally blown on one of the website pages LetsGoGadget.

For those who don’t know, LetsGoGadget is an online news site that discusses information and news about gadgets.

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On the page LetsGoGadget itself, it is mentioned that Samsung has patented a feature that is useful for supporting the performance of gaming devices.

The patent for this feature has the name “Activate Fan Mode” which when translated into Indonesian will read “Activation Fan Mode”.

Although Samsung did not provide any details or explanation regarding what device this feature would be embedded in, many people suspect that the fan mode feature will be on Samsung gaming smartphones.

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Meanwhile, the existing workings of this latest fan mode feature may be the opposite of the fan mode on the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro laptop.

Then, how does the fan mode on the Galaxy Book Pro work?


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