Enter Arcane’s Second Act, Riot Brings Events With Lots of Prizes!

GridGames.ID – Now that Piltover’s elite has finished celebrating Progress Day, it’s time for Undercity to spring into action.

Piltover may not see it, but Undercity is as lively as Topside in a quirky way.

With Arcane’s second act airing, the final act will arrive faster than the Firelight hoverboard.

While waiting, there will be new content, various events, and many sweet surprises from November 14-20.

Undercity Nights week concludes with a two-day live broadcast, a celebration of the community that brought Undercity to life on November 19 and 20, with the late afternoon (WIB) release of Act 3 Arcane as the highlight.

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New content coming to the game this week

In League, Pre-Season 2022 comes to RIft by bringing in new items, Inspirations Keystone, Objective Bounties, Hextech, and Chemtech Drakes.

Arcane Vi

Riot Games

Arcane Vi

Don’t forget, you can also get Arcane Vi by playing three games or winning one game.

The new VALORANT agent will also appear on November 16th.


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