Enliven WOG Yogyakarta 2022, GameSir Holds 2 Giveaways at Once

GameSir as the leading gamepad brand at this time of course will take part in the World of Gaming Yogyakarta event which will be held from 16 to 17 September 2022. At the event, gamers in Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, could get a direct opportunity to try out the best gamepads from GameSir such as G3s, T1s and also G4s.

GameSir booth visitors can try gamepads from GameSir on PC, PS3 or Smartphone. And most importantly, visitors can feel the sensation of playing Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor games using the GameSir gamepad.

GameSir Present at World of Gaming Yogyakarta 16-17 September 2022

It doesn’t stop there, at the GameSIr booth there will also be a giveaway event with a total prize of two gamepads! So, all visitors can have the opportunity to get a GameSir gamepad for free!

The giveaway event itself is divided into two, namely:

  1. Social Media Giveaway
  • Register your data
  • Like and follow all social media from GameSir
  • Try a gamepad from GameSir
  • Take photos of you while playing games with the GameSir gamepad
  • Include your experience playing games with the GameSir gamepad in your Facebook timeline.
  • Include the hashtag #GameSirIndonesia #GameSirBestGamepad
  1. Buyer Giveaway
  • Register your data
  • Like and Follow social media from GameSir
  • Buy GameSir products to get raffle coupons

In addition to the giveaway, at World of Gaming later you will also have the opportunity to get a special discount of 15% on the first day and 16% on the second day.

Stay connected with social media from GameSir Indonesia on

Facebook: GameSir Indonesia

Twitter: GameSirID

Instagram: GameSir.ID

About GameSir

GameSir is a global trademark of Gamepad based in Hong Kong. GameSir is directly affiliated with the company Wise Team Technology Development Limited which has many branches in various countries such as the United States and China. GameSir is a trusted brand for gamers who want to enjoy high-quality gamepads. That way, the reputation of the gamepad products produced by GameSir cannot be doubted. GameSir continues to grow and become a well-known trademark with more than two million users from all over the world, from China, the United States, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, England, France, and 30 other countries. Of course, the number of gamepad users from GameSir continues to grow.

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