Enemy Hard to Catch? Using these 7 Mobile Legends Heroes Guaranteed to Be Affected!

Hello smart friends! Previously, SmartTips.com ever discussed about heroes Mobile Legends hard to catch huh! One of those heroes is Fanny.

Actually there are some heroes who can catch Fanny easily. Curious what the hero is? Let’s just take a look at the following article.

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Capture Enemy Heroes Easily Using These Heroes!

1. Nana

Nana - Hero Mobile Legends

Nana – Hero Mobile Legends

The first hero you can use to catch an elusive opponent hero is Nana. Yup, using skills Morph Spell, Nana can catch any enemy hero.

Skills This turns the opponent into a puppet and slows down their movement for a while. So that team members can instantly kill him easily.

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2. Eudora

Eudora - Hero Mobile Legends

Eudora – Hero Mobile Legends

The next hero that is easy to catch hero enemy easily is Eudora. The skills you can use to catch elusive enemies are Electric Arrow.

With skills such, heroes like Fanny, Hayabusa, and Kagura can be stun easily. It is guaranteed that if there is Eudora, these heroes will not be able to move.

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3. Aurora

Aurora - Hero Mobile Legends

Aurora – Hero Mobile Legends

As you know, skills Aurora’s passive is Pride of Ice able to make enemies into enemies if it is activated. So you should always use skills Frost Shock and Bitter Frost first to activate it.

Even with Aurora you don’t just catch 1 hero, 4 until 5 the hero can be caught by him. So if there is an enemy hero that is hard to catch, it’s better for you to use Aurora.

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4. Saber

Saber - Hero Mobile Legends

Saber – Hero Mobile Legends

Have you ever again ranked meet hero Fanny? Surely he’s very troublesome huh. Well, in order tocounter Fanny, you can use heroes Saber.

Using skills Triple Sweep hers, Saber was able todisable Fanny for a moment. Surely it will be very useful when it is happening war with opposing members.

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5. Hylos

Hylos - Hero Mobile Legends

Hylos – Hero Mobile Legends

One of the strongest tankers, that is Hylos do have skills for men-disable enemy for a while. Those skills are Low and Order which makes the opponent affected stun for a few seconds.

To catch a hero like Fanny, Hayabusa, or Kagura can you try using hero tank this one. With Hylos, your team members can do gank against heroes who are hard to catch.

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6. Cyclops

Cyclops - Hero Mobile Legends

Cyclops – Hero Mobile Legends

This Hero Mage is indeed fairly able to catch enemies who are quite difficult to catch. Use skills Star Power Lockdown, enemies like Fanny can be caught easily.

However, if you use hero this you should really direct skills it’s to hero target yes! Because it could be a skill Star Power Lockdown even after hero Tank or maybe monsters Forest.

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7. Franco

Franco - Hero Mobile Legends

Franco – Hero Mobile Legends

The last hero you can use to catch hero opponent is Franco. Besides being able to attract opponents, you can also catch them using skills Brutal Massacre.

If there are Fanny who is flying using skills Steel Cablenya, all you have to do is catch it using a skill Brutal Massacre. Guaranteed he can’t run away anywhere.

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Well, that’s some hero Mobile Legends which you can use to catch hero with high mobility. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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