End of Pangya, How’s Pangya Mobile?

Pangya Mobile Goes with Line Game

A sad news for gamers who love sports-themed games, Pangya, a game mmultiplayer virtual golf with 3D characters and gameplay interestingly, it is rumored to be ending its service on 12 December 2022 this. All services cash in the the game has been discontinued since October 1, 2022 and every purchase will be refund to each player’s wallet and can be used for other games.

Remembering Pangya

In Indonesia alone Pangya has been present since August 2005 and published by PT May Net until finally closing its service in May 2008. Fortunately, after closing the service, players can access Pangya server US, even with occasional connection hurdles lag and upset. But even that didn’t last long because in the end server US also closed and migrated to Ntreev (SG Interactive).

Pangya recorded to have operated in approximately 10 countries, ranging from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan, the Philippines, China, Singapore (PangyaSea), the United States (Albatross18), and also Indonesia.


Pangya and E-Sports

An event was recorded entitled Pangya world championship which was held in 2012 with total prizes USD 20,000,-, a sizeable amount at the time. Events Pangya World Championship This event is held in Bangkok, Thailand and is divided into two types, namely matches Team Tournament and Single Tournament. Participants from Japan were listed as winners for both categories that were competed.

How’s Pangya Mobile?

In 2014, in a event game exhibition largest in South Korea, G-Star, NCSoft launch the trailer of the game Pangya Mobile which is expected to be ready to play in 2022. Based on the video shown the game will have the characters from the game Pangya version PC and also added with features as well as game mode the new one. The following is trailers which aired during G-Star 2014.

Gameplay videos from Pangya Mobile this was reportedly taken at the time events G-Star take place. With a graphical display that is not much different from the version PC his, Pangya Mobile is believed to still be able to win the hearts of his fans.


Based on the information obtained from Steparu, Pangya Mobile will be present in the middle of the 2 years 2022 in Korean version. But unfortunately until now there is still no sound about the exact date of launch. If there are Mobileague friends who know, you can also inform us, okay?


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