Elite Pass FF Season 29 End / End Features!

Is there an apocalypse feature in Elite Pass FF Season 29?

game Free fire (FF) Is currently a world-famous mobile game.

A few days ago, FF introduced the player Elite pass Newly named Anubis Legend II.

Launched in October, Elite Pass offers us lots of new cool features and skins.

In addition to introducing the Egyptian theme to the new elite pass, Garena will also introduce apocalypse mode to the new EP.

Apocalypse is coming in Elite Pass FF Season 29

In this Elite Pass Anubis Legend, we will introduce you to the planet that has passed the time of destruction, the great power to rob everything.

In this EP Timeline People in the world Free fire It’s time for refereeing.

Elite Pass Season 29

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there will be 4 countries People who work together to bring the world back to normal. A group that wants to overthrow the kingdom, including the prince and princess, will be bundled later.

This was leaked directly by Garena in some existing media on the following Elite Path 29:

The story has to do with the bundle, which is the character of the story.

Free Fire will continue to offer EPs in the form of history and ancient culture as prizes.

Therefore, in this EP you can see the Egyptian culture that Galena adopted to welcome fans.

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When will it be released?

Of course, when will Elite Pass Season 29 welcome us all? There is no more news about the release date.

This elite pass is guaranteed to accompany you in October after the end of Elite Pass Season 28.

It’s still unclear if the apocalypse in question is a mode we can play or a clip of a short film.

What do you think you would do ?? For example, do you agree if Free Fire has an apocalypse mode?

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