Electronic Arts Postpones All Tournaments Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series

FIFA 20 Global Series

EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series

GridGames.ID – The development company Electronic Arts (EA) has officially postponed all tournaments that will be held by its game.

This is a step taken by EA in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Through its official website, EA revealed that their current priority is to keep the participants, employees and partners safe.

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With this decision, it means that four tournaments will have to be postponed.

Starting from the Apex Legends Global Series and Madden NFL 20 Championship Series tournaments.

As well as two FIFA tournaments titled FIFA 20 Global Series and FIFA Online 4 Live Events.

EA has not yet announced when the four tournaments will resume.

However, what is certain is that they will continue to monitor the development of the current coronavirus pandemic.

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This was done as their consideration to be able to determine the schedule of the four tournaments.

Previously, various game tournaments had also been postponed.

For example, PUBG Global Series: Berlin, Overwatch Legaue, ESL One Los Angeles Major, and many more.

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The coronavirus pandemic did have a bad impact on the gaming industry in early 2022.

It is certain that many companies have suffered losses due to the cancellation or postponement of some of these events.

So, let’s pray that this coronavirus pandemic can be handled and finished quickly.

So that various tournaments and other game events can return to normal.

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